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SPARTA, at the Innovation Area in Advanced Manufacturing Madrid

Advanced Manufacturing, October 19-20, 2022, is a real meeting and business point for the entire manufacturing industry, thanks to the union of its three events: MetalMadrid, Robomática and Composites Madrid. SPARTA will showcase its thermoplastic composite at the Innovation Area of this event, the perfect place to disseminate this innovative product to more than 15,000 professionals and stand out among the 600 participating brands.


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The SPARTA funding project reached the milestones set in the Mid-term

The aviation sector is undergoing a period of transition towards a more sustainable, efficient, and safer mobility. The CO2 emissions reduction is one of the main challenges of the Clean Aviation programme. The SPARTA project is aligned with the strategic challenges of the next generation of aircraft by using recyclable composite materials, thus reducing the carbon footprint. With the aim at demonstrating the level of recyclability of materials, the SPARTA project has developed a novel recycling technology based on thermoplastic composite delamination that allows up to 80% recycled material utilisation for secondary value-added applications.

The SPARTA funding project, framed in the Airframe ITD of the CS2 programme, has reached the milestones set by the time being of its execution period in the Mid-term M22, obtaining unidirectional thermoplastic composite tapes derived from the scrapping recycling process. In a second step, chop material will be laid up automatically and consolidated to obtain a whole recycled composite part. This fact will bring about a cost-efficient alternative to the traditional waste disposal routes, namely landfill and incineration which have unfavourable environmental impacts. SPARTA process represents a more environmental solution in terms of recovery and recycling.

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Learn about the SPARTA project at Aerospace and Defense Meetings in Seville

A&DM Seville, June 7-9, 2022, has established itself as the most outstanding matchmaking program for the Spanish Aerospace and Defense industries. AIMPLAS will participate in the exhibition area and will provide information to attendees about the SPARTA project.


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SPARTA Mid-term results will be presented at the ECCM20 Conference held in Lausanne

The 20th European Conference on Composite Materials (ECCM20) will be held in Lausanne, Switzerland, June 26-30, 2022. This well-known conference series is the European forum for knowledge exchange on the recent accomplishments and the future trends in Composite Materials. The Conference Theme this year is “Composites meet Sustainability”, which fits perfectly with SPARTA’s objectives. Thus, Alejandro Sandá, researcher in advanced manufacturing technologies in Tekniker, will present the project in this Forum.

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SPARTA organized a workshop at the I International Seminar on Plastics Recycling

SPARTA organized a workshop at the I International Seminar on Plastics Recycling. The Seminar was held at the Valencian Business Chamber and School of Business Administration Lluís Vives (Valencia, Spain), and organized by AIMPLAS, project SPARTA`s coordinator. As part of the workshop, Rocío Ruíz Gallardo, researcher of AIMPLAS`s Sustainable and Future Mobility Group, presented the project. 

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SPARTA, presented at ISCM 2021

Alejandro Sandá, from Tekniker, technology centre member of the SPARTA consortium, presented project SPARTA last 4th of november at the 9th International Symposium on Composites Manufacturing for High Performance Applications, ISCM 2021.

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SPARTA, presented at RECOTRANS Final Conference

Rocío Ruíz from AIMPLAS, and Alejandro Sandá from Tekniker, both partners of the SPARTA project, have been present at the RECOTRANS Final Conference.

As part of the Event, Alejandro Sandá presented project SPARTA, its objectives, the resulting technological contributions and the expected impact in society. 

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SPARTA, present in the poster section of CONAMA

The SPARTA project participated  in the poster section of CONAMA Environment National Congress (Spain).

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As part of the Clean Sky 2 dissemination programme, Aernnova Aerospace SA and the Bioengineering and Aerospace Engineering department at the University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) have hosted an online conference on Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 March 2021.

The event seeked contributions covering Clean Sky 2 research projects that are focused on the development of new materials, concepts and technologies that will reduce fuel consumption and maximise the efficiency of the next generation aircraft, in alignment with the Clean Sky 2 High Level Goals.

The technical scope covered both airframe and engines including research activities in aerodynamics, aerostructures, aircraft design, airframe and engine manufacturing, onboard systems, certification technology demonstrator development.

In the event, Rocío Ruíz Gallardo from AIMPLAS presented the SPARTA project, which is framed in the Airframe ITD Eco-Design Transverse Activity (TA) platform.

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SPARTA participates in the AEMAC Seminar

SPARTA participates in the AEMAC Seminar "Challenges in composites" as a sponsor and with the presentation "Thermoplastic composites from scrap recycling or End-of-life products".


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme for the Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative under grant agreement No 887073.